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* [ Michael Elder's CNF Tutorials]
* [ Michael Elder's CNF Tutorials]
* [ Francis Upton's CNF Blog]
* [ Francis Upton's CNF Blog]
* [ CNF introduction tutorial on TechJava by Simon Zambrovski]
* [ CNF from multiple plug-ins on TechJava by Simon Zambrovski]
We are interested in your [[Common Navigator Framework Use Cases]].
We are interested in your [[Common Navigator Framework Use Cases]].
== How to use the CNF with Resources in an RCP Application ==
If you are using resources (org.eclipse.core.resources), using the CNF is the preferred way to allow your clients to manipulate
your resources.  It's possible add the CNF to an RCP application in just a few minutes using these steps:
# Add the following as dependent plugins:
## org.eclipse.ui.navigator
## org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
## org.eclipse.ui.ide
## org.eclipse.core.resources
# Add a View extension (org.eclipse.ui.views) which uses the class org.eclipse.ui.navigator.CommonNavigator.
# Add a org.eclipse.ui.navigator.viewer extension that has:
## viewerActionBinding, point this to your View Id above (example.view)
### includes of org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
## viewerContentBinding, point this to your View Id above (example.view)
### includes of:
#### org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
#### org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resourceContent
#### org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources.filters
#### org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources.linkHelper
#### org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources.workingSets"

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The Common Navigator Framework (CNF) is designed to help you integrate document models into a navigator experience, integrate content that isn't specific to the workbench, allow you to absorb other content seamlessly (in particular resource and Java(tm) models), and mitigate your expense in time and effort to absorb incremental enhancements from release to release from layers beneath you.

The CNF began as a product solution for a general problem in IBM Rational Application Developer v6.0, and has been contributed to the open source Eclipse Platform in 3.2 to allow the community to better integrate their navigational viewers and provide a more cohesive user experience across software layers and products.

To begin using the CNF, developers should consult the schema and API documentation in the Platform Help (Window > Help > Platform Developer's Guide > Reference > Schema + API).

Also have a look at the following resources for the CNF:

We are interested in your Common Navigator Framework Use Cases.

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