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Common Build Infrastructure/Publishing

OK, so you've built your SDK or runtime zip, your examples, your docs, your tests, and a p2 repo / update site. Great. How do you get those bits out to the world?

Well, for the simple case of "built on, published over NFS to", you can use a simple Ant script, run from your crontab on

  1. Copy sample promote.xml and from or other Athana project.
  2. Update the to fit your needs.
  3. Add entry in your crontab that will invoke the promote.xml Ant script.

Example: VE Nightly and Integration Builds


Say you want to run Nightlies every day, and a single Integration build once a week. First, set up two jobs in Hudson:


(To save time, create the Nightly job, then copy it to produce the Integration build, passing in slightly different parameters like BUILDTYPE = N or BUILDTYPE = I.)

Next, ssh to using your committer id and type crontab -e to create crontab entries which match the frequency of your N and I builds. In this example, the latest Nightly VE build will be published every day at 15h40 EST. The latest Integration will be published every Tuesday at 16h00 EST. Note that the promote.xml is identical, but the properties file differs.

# daily N builds
40 15 * * * /opt/public/common/apache-ant-1.7.1/bin/ant -f
      2>/dev/null 1> ~/promo_logs/cbi-ve-1.4-nightly-Ganymede-promo.txt
# weekly I build
00 16 * * 2 /opt/public/common/apache-ant-1.7.1/bin/ant -f
      2>/dev/null 1> ~/promo_logs/cbi-ve-1.4-integration-Ganymede-promo.txt

In the N build properties file, we use "add" mode to incrementally publish N builds as they happen. In the I properties file, we use "replace" mode to scrub any accumulated builds and publish only the latest I build. So, once a week, we automatically purge the old garbage and get a fresh build.

In addition to publishing your zips, the promote.xml script also unpacks your Update zip into the path you specify, so you will have a daily/weekly up to date update site.


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