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Common Build Infrastructure/Getting Started/Build In Hudson/Ant Job

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Rather than starting your build with a Bash script, you can use Ant to build.

1. Set up the Ant script just as if you were building from within Eclipse with a few slight modifications for Hudson.

2. On the job configuration screen select Invoke Ant, and then Advanced.

3. Your Ant build configuration will look similar to the following:


To be more precise, these are the details of the configurations :

  • Targets: left run as default
  • Build File: set here the build.xml that relies on your releng project. The path starts from the job workspace. ( browse the job workspace to find it if you are not sure of the path location )
  • Properties: by default, set at least the two path for the releng build :

4. If you have additional properties that you do not want to include in your file, you can pass them in through this configuration ( in the Properties box ). This allows you to have a generic and override or add as necessary specifics that may be needed for your Hudson build.

For example, you can specify the {writableBuildRoot} property there.


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