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Cimero 2

Cimero is an open source graphical tool, developed by Bull, that allows developers to construct systems using the Enterprise Integration Patterns visualizations. The Cimero team are now working on Cimero 2, updating the technology to take advantage of newer Eclipse components, and they have decided to contribute this new work to the SOA Tools Platform (IPZilla entry).

Proposed Contributors

  • Bull

Proposed Committers

  • Jerome Camillieri (Bull)
  • Natacha Bagnard (Bull)
  • Julien Forot (Bull)

Contribution Details

The CIMERO2 Editor Plug-in allows you to create a visual representation of a ServiceMix or Petals flow under Eclipse IDE. After making your graphical creation, you'll be able to generate a JBI package which could be deploy on the targeted ESB you chose to use.

The initial Servicemix components available with Cimero2 Editor are

Service Engines

  • Bean
  • Content based router
  • Content Enricher
  • Drools
  • Jsr181
  • Message filter
  • Pipeline
  • Saxon
  • Split aggregator
  • Static routing slip
  • Xpath splitter
  • Wire tap

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