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Category:WTP Accessibility

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Pages related to WTP Accessibility

The Simultaneous Release Requirements have an Accessibility Requirement to report Accessibility Compliance by using "... a publically available checklist ...". While for the overall Helios Release documentation, we will provide one, "rolled up" checklist for all of WTP, the PMC would like to ask each sub-project to do their own evaluations and tests and provide their own checklist report, specific to their sub-project. For consistency, we recommend the sub-projects use these publically available lists (they were chosen because they have a good orientation to "developers" with useful reference links to examples, etc.):

Additionally, where tools are used to test compliance, we recommend JAWS be used. (This is not free, open source software, so we can not require it, but we know a number of committers do in fact have versions or licenses to use it, so, when possible, for consistency, would be good to use it.) There are other tools available, as mentioned in The Simultaneous Release Requirements. Also, be sure to read the updated Eclipse Corner Article, Designing Accessible Plug-ins in Eclipse for how to program in Eclipse for accessibility.

Note: This Simultaneous Release Requirement is to document our accessibility compliance, or lack of it. The requirement is not that there be no accessibility bugs. Those should be open, when found, but then prioritized along with all other bugs as to severity, importance, etc.

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