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Getting your website listed on answer box can increase it's trust and reputation besides sending tons of referral traffic that might help to increase conversions. Google is taking one step at a time to become an answer engine and for many queries that you enter on Google, it directly returns an answer in place of 10 blue references asking the user to find the answer himself.

This approach of becoming an answer engine similar to Star Trek is a dream of Amit Singhal, the head of Google search ranking algorithm.

What is an Answer Box?

Answer box is an area that appears right above the organic search results. It displays a direct answer to the user query. Sometimes, this box might display reference to the website whose information is displayed in the SERP. Getting your site displayed under this box directly means that Google trusts the answer to the query provided in that site. This certainly helps to increase the trust and reputation of the site in the eyes of users.


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