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Web app that implements the CardSync Service. See also CardSync Closed Design Issues.


org.eclipse.higgins.cardsync.web is being developed as part of Higgins 1.1.


The basic idea of org.eclipse.higgis.cardsync.web is to keep the state of the user's data structures in RPPS Package in sync with the N copies of the user's data structures that exist on N separate client selectors (e.g. on the user's computers and mobile devices). Changes made by the user directly in RPPS Package (e.g. via the Cloud Selector or a thin client selector such as the AIR Selector 1.1-Win) need to be propagated to the user's N fat client selectors. Also, changes made on any one of these N fat clients should be synchronized to the other N-1 devices/computers and to RPPS Package


The following diagram provides more details; it shows interconnections between sub-components (called components in this diagram) between components shown above:


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