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CardSync Data Transfer Objects

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UML class diagram


Xsd schema


public class AccessTokenTO
extends java.lang.Object

AccessToken transfer object. See #Authentication

private java.lang.String id Represents token identifier.
private java.util.Date issuedTime Represents issued date time.
private java.lang.Integer maxIdleTime Represents max idle time in seconds.


public class BaseTO
extends java.lang.Object

Base transfer object. All resources should extend it.

private java.lang.String id Represents unique resource server identifier.
private RevisionTO revision Represents revision information.


public class RevisionTO
extends java.lang.Object

Resource revision transfer object.

private java.util.Date modifiedTime Represents last modified date.
private java.lang.Long number Represents revision number.


public class CardTO extends BaseTO implements

Card transfer object.

private java.lang.String cardId Represents card identifier.
private ClaimTO[] claims Card claims.
private java.util.Date expiredTime Card expired date.
private CardExtensionTO[] extensions Card extensions.
private byte[] hashSalt Card hash salt.
private byte[] image Card image.
private java.lang.String imageType Card image mime type.
private java.util.Date issuedTime Issued(created) time. private java.lang.String issuer Card issuer name.
private byte[] issuerID Card issuer identifier.
private java.lang.String issuerName Human friendly card issuer name.
private java.util.Date lastUpdatedTime Last card updated date.
private byte[] masterKey Card master key.
private java.lang.String name Human friendly card name.
private java.lang.Boolean selfIssued Is card self issued.
private ClaimTypeTO[] supportedClaimTypes Represents array of all possible types of claim that are supported.
private java.lang.String[] supportedTokenTypes Represents arrays of token types which can be provided for this card.
private java.lang.String version Card version.


public class MCardTO
v extends CardTO

Managed card transfer object.

private java.lang.String ic07IssuerInformation Represents /ic07:IssuerInformation extension element
private java.lang.Boolean requireAppliesTo Represents requireAppliesTo card element.
private java.lang.Boolean strongRecipientIdentityRequired Represents /ic07:RequireStrongRecipientIdentity extension element If true than Selector MUST only allow the card to be used at a Relying Party that presents a cryptographically protected identity X.509v3 certificate.
private StsPrivacyPolicyTO stsPrivacyPolicyTO STS/IdP privacy policy
private TokenServiceTO[] tokenServices Represents array of security token services.


public class PCardTO
extends CardTO

Personal card transfer object.

private byte[] pinDigest Contains the base64 encoded bytes of the SHA1 hash of the pin code


public class ClaimTO
extends java.lang.Object

Card claim transfer object.

private ClaimTO[] claims Contains sub-claims if claim is complex claim.
private ClaimTypeTO claimType Represents claim type
private ClaimUiDescriptor claimUiDescriptor Represents meta information for building user friendly claim editor.
private java.lang.String[] values Represents claim values.


public class ClaimUiDescriptor
extends java.lang.Object

Claim user interface descriptor transfer object. Has meta information for building user friendly claim editor.

private java.lang.String inputMask Might contain input mask for formating claim value on client side.
private java.lang.String[] optionalValues Should contain possible optional values If type equal 4 (TYPE_COMBOBOX ).
private java.lang.String pattern Might contain regular express for validating user input on client side.
private java.lang.String type Defines claim editor type.

  • TextField GUI component type TYPE_TEXTFILED = 0;
  • TextArea GUI component type TYPE_TEXTAREA = 1;
  • FileChooser GUI component type TYPE_FILE = 2;
  • CheckField GUI component type TYPE_CHECKBOX = 3;
  • ComboBox GUI component type TYPE_COMBOBOX = 4;
  • Date(time) GUI component type TYPE_DATETIME = 5.


public class ClaimTypeTO
extends java.lang.Object

ClaimType transfer object.

private java.lang.String description Represents description.
private java.lang.String displayName Represents the human friendly name.
private java.lang.Boolean isSimple Determines whether corresponding IClaim is simple or complex.
private java.lang.String type Represents type URI.


public class CardExtensionTO
extends java.lang.Object

CardExtension transfer object.

private java.lang.Boolean enabled Is extension enabled.
private java.lang.String extensionXmlElement Represents extension element data.


public class StsPrivacyPolicyTO
extends java.lang.Object

STS/IdP privacy policy transfer object.

private java.lang.String url STS/IdP privacy policy url.
private java.lang.String version STS/IdP privacy policy version.


public class TokenServiceTO
extends java.lang.Object

Token service transfer object.

private EndpointReferenceTO endpointReference Represents Token Service endpoint.
private CredentialDescriptorTO userCredential Represents Token Service credential.


public class CredentialDescriptorTO
extends java.lang.Object

Token service credential descriptor transfer object.

private java.lang.String credentialXmlElement Represent xml element.
private java.lang.String displayCredentialHint Represent user friendly credential hint.
private java.lang.String type Represent credential type.

  • SelfIssuedCredential;
  • X509V3Credential
  • KerberosV5Credential
  • UsernamePasswordCredential


public class EndpointReferenceTO
extends java.lang.Object

Token service Endpoint reference transfer object.

private address Represents address.
private java.lang.String identityXml Represents Identity element of TokenService.
private metadataAddress Represents Metadata Address URI if Metadata contains it.
private java.lang.String metadataXml Represents Metadata element of TokenService.


public class CardHistoryTO
extends BaseTO

Card history transfer object.

private java.util.Date date Represents date time of card usage.
private WebFormTO form Represents html web form elements.


public class WebFormTO
extends java.lang.Object

Web form transfer object.

private java.lang.String formAction Represents html form action element.
private java.lang.String formId Represents html form id element.
private java.lang.String formName Represents html form name element.
private url Represents web page URL.


public class CardCategoryTO
extends BaseTO

Card category transfer object.

private java.lang.String[] cuids Represents associated card id array.
private int idx Represents category index.
private java.lang.String name Represents category name.
private java.lang.String parentId Represents parent category identifier.
private java.lang.String type Represents category type.


public class UserProfileTO
extends BaseTO

User profile transfer object.

private java.util.Date createdTime Represents user account created date.
private java.lang.String email Represents user email address.
private java.lang.String firstName Represents user first name.
private java.lang.String lastName Represents user last name.
private java.lang.String loginName Represents user login name.
private java.lang.String mobile Represents user mobile number.
private java.util.Date modifiedTime Represents last updated date.


public class CardCredentialTO
extends BaseTO

Card credential transfer object.
private java.lang.String credentialType Represent credential type.


public class UsernamePasswordCredentialTO
extends CardCredentialTO

UsernamePasswordCredential credential transfer object. It needs for supporting auto-login.

private tsAddress Represents STS/IdP addres.
private tsMetadataAddress Represents STS/IdP meta address
private java.lang.String username Represents username.


public class PinCredentialTO
extends CardCredentialTO

PinCredential transfer object.

private byte[] pinCode Represents pinCode.


public class UseAlwaysTO
extends BaseTO

UseAlways transfer object. It needs for supporting auto-login.

private WebFormTO form Represents html web form elements.


public class CaptchaTO
extends BaseTO

Captcha transfer object. It needs for password-reset workflow.

private byte[] image Captcha image.


public class OperationTO
extends java.lang.Object

Log operation transfer object.

private java.lang.String name Represents operation/command name. It will be one of the following constants:
  • Persist
  • Delete
  • DeleteAll

private BaseTO resource Represents resource. It might be null for "Delete".
private java.lang.String resourceId Represents server resource identifier. It might be null for "DeleteAll".
private java.lang.String resourceType Represents resource type.

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