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Capella Studio

Capella Studio provides a full-integrated development environment which aims at facilitating the development of extensions for Capella MBSE.

It provides developers with a platform containing both:

  • Kitalpha and Eclipse modeling frameworks and tools
  • Capella models and tools

Capella Studio


Capella Studio pre-release version is available for download!


Capella Studio Foundations

Core Features

  • Provides an EMF generation adapted to the Capella MBSE models
  • Provides user-friendly tools to orchestrate a Capella EMF generation
  • Provides user-friendly tools to generate EMF Java code of a Capella model extension
  • Facilitates the creation of a new Capella extension project
  • Facilitates the creation of Capella extension project based on an existing extension model
  • Provides Capella viewpoints developers with a tailored Target Application for Capella MBSE
  • Enable developers to use Capella MBE ecore models, Sirius diagrams, etc. when specifying and generating a viewpoint
  • Provides a language and generation to specify and generate Capella MBE Properties View
  • Provides the ability to produce an HTML output containing documentation of the Capella project



For contributions, please refer to Capella development wiki page.

Technical information


Follow the Kitalpha configuration procedure.

Regression Tests


For the migration of Capella Studio,

  1. The migration procedure of Capella Studio follows the migration procedure of Kitalpha for each Kitalpha release.
  2. Then, apply a specific Capella Studio migration if needed.

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