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Available addons

To see available extensions and viewpoints available and install them, please go to the official addon page:

Download addons

Click on headers or cell links for downloading corresponding versions.

Capella Subsystem-Transition Requirements Filtering Basic-Viewpoints xhtml-docgen M2Doc PVMT Team for Capella
1.4.x (releases) (releases) (releases) (releases) (releases) 1.4.x 1.4.x site dropin 1.4.x
1.3.x 1.3.x 1.3.x site dropin 1.3.x
1.2.x 1.2.x 1.2.x site dropin 1.2.x
1.1.x 1.1.x - 1.1.x
1.0.x - - 1.0.x
0.8.x - - -

Release notes

Release Notes for XHTML Documentation Generation

Release Notes for System to Subsystem Transition

Release Notes for Filtering

Release Notes for Requirement viewpoint

Release Notes for Basic viewpoints

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