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Release Notes for XHTML Documentation Generation

1.4.0 for Capella 1.4.0
[554914] ([2657]) Migration of the Docgen to Capella 1.4.0
[554922] ([2676]) Capabilities content is missing a header
[554923] ([2677]) Save output path
[558270] Selective generation does not generate diagrams in architecture level TreeView
[558271] Navigation from states in scenario diagrams is not functional
1.3.2 for Capella 1.3.1
[2536] OperationActivity page has no link to OperationalInteractions
[2539] Contributing with new HTML pages for model elements
[2547] Tree view of diagrams in architecture levels
[2648] Display distinction between FunctionalChains/OperationalProcesses, Activity/Function, Interaction/FunctionExchange
[2649] Pseudo-state elements pages are not generated
[2654] NPE when no status in project
[2656] Elements navigation action area overlapping
[2658] Communication means navigation links does not exists
[2659] Source and target sections shall not exist for Interactions and Operational Communication means
[2666] Improve generation performances
[2672] Improve generation performances for diagrams generation
[2673] Index not displaying when newline in element name
[2675] Preferences initialization

Release Notes for System to Subsystem Transition

[2491] Issue to transit new sub system with referenced data in libraries
Capella API changes adaptation
[2058] Fix report for SubSystem transition incompatibility issues with 1.1.4
Capella API changes adaptation
[2058] SubSystem transition doesn't complete on Capella 1.1.4+
[1271] SIDTraceabilityHandler raises an exception 
[1340] Requirements propagation to the subsystem
0.8.3 - 1.0.2  
[1271] SIDTraceabilityHandler raises an exception 
0.8.2 - 1.0.1 
[767] In System2SubSystem documentation one image is very huge (about 20Mo)
[837] Order of Parts in Physical Architecture triggers incorrect multiphase SA-LA-PA transition

Release Notes for Requirement viewpoint

[2520] Add a Force Refresh after application of Show/Hide Requirements tools
[2519] NPE when selecting a Representation Link
[2518] Add the icon on requirements associated with a diagram
[2513] Make Requirement elements inherit from Kitalpha's Element class
[2511] Remove empty [ ] if PUID element not available
[2507] Only import ReqIF having Specification elements
[2504] Add MassEditions columns for Requirements
[2503] Clarify imported attributes
[2393] While importing REQIF model, UID of requirements are displayed instead of their text
[2376] Tool 'Requirements' systematically removes requirements that were already present in the diagram
[2325] Merge of ReqIF elements does not work 
[2191] Error using requirements-viewpoint with fragmented Model
[2105] Ability to show allocated Requirements in Diagrams 
[2046] Diff/Merge during import of requirement corrupt the model 
[2103] Remove "Open In Editor" and "Defer" buttons in the import reqif dialog 
[1883] Attribute definitions with default values should be referenced by modules/requirements
[1883] Attribute definitions with default values should be referenced by modules/requirements 
[1882] Importing the same link requires the removal of the old link 
[1879] Add Team4Capella compatibility
[1881] Import shall verify REQIF extension and schema compliancy to avoid invalid import 
[1841] Update Requirement's label expression from Acceleo 2 to AQL 
[1839] Importing the same Requirement requires the removal of the old Requirement
[1599] Unable to import REQ-IF-only requirements into Capella
[1728] NPE using ReqVP with Capella 1.1.3
[1836] [Regression] Attributes are not properly imported

Release Notes for Filtering

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