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Capella Wiki

The Capella wiki is a place for end users and developers to collaborate.


The Capella wiki is easy to navigate and contains information on all the hot topics for contributors and end-users, as well as rulings on the development process:


Release Notes


Installation Guide
Level-crossing Traffic Control sample model
IFE Sample Model
Alarm Clock Sample Model
User Guide


Technical information
Development Environement
Contribute to Capella
Viewpoint Development


Source Code


Installation Guide
Capella Studio

What is Capella?

Capella is the Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) solution provided by Thales. It is a Tooled-Up-Process solution that enacts Systems Engineering and Software Architecture Engineering recommendations defined by Arcadia, the Thales standard Systems Engineering Method that promotes functional analysis and early validation.

For more information on Arcadia, please refer to the dedicated page on the website and check out the introduction document.

Capella has been specified, designed and developed for providing a high value engineering environment to the System Engineering and Software Architecting teams, promoting innovative approaches in engineering practices. It benefits from the return on experiment from previous deployment of MDE in Thales large projects and from recent progress in the MDE technology domain. It has been successfully deployed in a wide variety of industrial contexts and proved to have an acceptable maturity for deployment in terms of reliability, robustness, performance, efficiency and adaptability.

Capella provides its integrated tooled-up process solution on top of the state-of-the-art de facto standard Eclipse Open Source IDE Platform.

Capella is based on PolarSys solution and Eclipse components, notably:

  • Kitalpha and its Core Technology Kit, that provides the architectural foundations of Capella and which is the Capella viewpoint development and runtime environment ;
  • Sirius, used at development time (e.g., for a graphical rendering of the architectures) and runtime (e.g., for architectures edition through diagrams and tables) ;
  • EMF Diff/Merge that provides Capella advanced model tooling capabilities (e.g. model diff/merge, iterative transformations, pattern support, etc.) ,
  • EGF used for producing and maintaining the Capella metamodels, helpers and build chain.

Read an overview with the project page to read more about our mission, our Community, our governance, and what makes Capella unique. You can also learn about our vision and core values — the PolarSys Industry Working Group (IWG) foundations upon which the solution is open source. We also have information relating to our user base, and the objectives for our technical work.

Latest News

Where can I get help?

The wiki, our knowledge base of documentation and community support forum is ready for you!

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to contribute to the Capella solution and the community that surrounds it. On the Capella/Community page you can find out how to contact the community members and get involved in the Capella community.

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