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Campus Ambassador Program/Saarland University

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Upcoming Events

At the current point in time there are no events scheduled.

We are planning to organize some kind of informal and Eclipse related get together at our university though. The idea is to bring together people working on or with Eclipse in order to exchange ideas, get some feedback on existing projects and ideas or to find partners for launching new projects.

If you are interested in such a meeting please don't hesitate to contact Kevin Streit.

Volunteer Opportunities

As we are still in a very early stage of bringing parts of the Eclipse ecosystem closer to the students there is a lot to be done. If you are a student at Saarland University and you are interested in helping to organize Demo Camps and Eclipse workshops please contact Kevin Streit. Everyone is invited to take part.

Project and Collaboration Opportunities

There are several projects running and several ideas waiting for implementation.

Two examples for running projects are the eSee Changes and javaMIPS projects. The current implementation of eSee is some kind of working prototype, javaMIPS is currently under active development and ought to be used in the Programming 2 lecture for example. Details can be found on the corresponding project webpages. Both tools have already proven useful but they do need some tests and new ideas. We would be happy if you are interested in joining one of the projects.

An idea scheduled for implementation in the near future is integrating mutation testing and test case generation and enhancement into Eclipse. Using both should be as easy as running a test suite which is not the case for existing approaches we know. With Javalanche we already have the state of the art command line tool for mutation testing developed at Saarland University. Another, not yet published tool for test case generation exists as well. The planned project will be about integrating both tools into the Eclipse IDE and making them accessible to programmers and students in an intuitive way. We plan to let the roughly 100 students of our annual software design lab use such a tool for test suite quality assessment.


If you want to participate in organizing Eclipse related events at our university, have ideas for cool projects or you are simply searching for an Eclipse related project you can participate in, please contact Kevin Streit.

Your idea does not need to be ready for implementation in order to start communicating about it and find interested students and potential users.
The source code of your existing project does not need to be perfect in order to look for other students being interested in participation.
You don't need to be an Eclipse power user or plugin developer in order to start a project or to participate.

We will be happy to listen to your ideas, give you feedback and guide and assist you in getting to know some more sophisticated ideas and projects in the Eclipse ecosystem. The only prerequisite is some experience in Java development and basic usage of the Eclipse IDE.

In collaboration with the student's representatives of Computer Science we will provide everything you need for starting up a project including source code management, wiki, bugtracking, and so forth. We encourage you to share your ideas and projects with other students at Saarland University and everyone else who is interested.


If you have questions you can contact Kevin Streit:

For more ways to contact or meet Kevin, please find details on his page at Saarland University.

Helpful Links

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