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Eclipse University Outreach

With the Eclipse University Outreach programme, we are reaching out to post-secondary institutions to help them arm their students with information about and experience with Eclipse.

Motivation for this programme comes from the demonstrated need for more Eclipse knowledge in college and university graduates. Eclipse member companies, and other organisations are looking for new hires who are ready to start working immediately with Eclipse technology. Internet job sites are packed with positions that require knowledge and experience with Eclipse.

Our experience with the university community has shown that there is considerable use of Eclipse as a Java IDE. This experience has further shown that, while the frameworks and APIs provided by the many Eclipse projects do tend to be exploited in graduate and post-graduate work, undergraduate students tend to be unaware that there is far more to Eclipse.

With the university outreach programme, we are addressing this knowledge gap:

  • We have been organising Student Events with Computer Science and Computer Engineering student organizations. These events are organized as a combination of structured presentation along with informal networking.
  • We have been developing a version of Eclipse specifically for use by students, the Eclipse IDE for Education.

If you are interested in participating in the Eclipse University Outreach Programme, please consider signing up on our mailing list so that you can stay in the loop.

Eclipse Campus Ambassador Program

Due to resouce constraints, we've had to suspend the Eclipse Campus Ambassador Program. We are no longer designating official ambassadors, but students are still invited to host Eclipse-related campus events. We will provide support where we can. Students can, for example, apply for funding for an Eclipse-related campus event through the Friends of Eclipse program.

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