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Callisto Build and Update Tips and Tricks

Revision as of 11:37, 24 February 2006 by Rgronback (Talk | contribs)

On this page, please add any little tidbits that help with the versioning, site management, etc., that are not part of other documents.

Automatically versioning features appropriately

I haven't tried it yet, but in [| bug 125801 Andrew Niefer mentions that

When using ".qualifier", the resulting feature version can take the form of 1.2.3.qualifier_suffix, where qualifier will come from the cvs tag, or date the same as for plugins. suffix will be generated based on the qualifiers of the contained plugins.

Whether or not to append the _suffix to the version is controlled by the property "generateFeatureVersionSuffix" in the builder's The default value is false.

I personally feel that generateFeatureVersionSuffix should be the default, but since it isn't, thought I'd document here.

This is important since a feature's qualifier needs to not just change accourding to its own changes, but also needs to reflect the "most changed" plugin it contains.

Do not use underscore in version qualifiers

I think this will all work better post M5, but certainly on 3.1.x streams, and underscore is converted to a hyphen in some places, and will at first seeem to work, but then there's problems associating source with its code, etc., so ... use with care, if not outright avoid. See [| bug 89428] for some dicussions.

Use the platform releng tool

To update your map files automatically while releasing your plug-ins, the releng tool found as a download way at the bottom of the platform download page is quite helpful. The instructions are sparse, but it's fairly straightforward (right-click a project and select Team -> Release...).

When using .qualifier at the end of your Bundle-Version manifest entries, your plug-ins will be versioned according to the tags entered in your map files automatically when using the release engineering tool with the PDE basebuilder.

Guide to understanding versioning

Just because this page cannot be linked enough, look here for detailed information on when and how to apply new version numbers to your plug-ins and features: [Plug-in Versioning]

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