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COSMOS SDD Minutes 15MAY08


  • Date: 15MAY08
  • Time: 4PM EST
  • Attendees:



Action Items

  1. Charlie/Chris/Eric, commit code when legal issues are worked out with Eclipse.
  2. Jason to commit SAS SDD Tooling code simultaneous with IBM SDD Tooling.
  3. Jason to commit SAS zip extractor code.
  4. Mark W to contact Eclipse about adding SDD Tooling code (since contributions are over 200 lines of code) and about in place replacement of Tuscany.
  5. Jason to start moving use cases and "details" into COSMOS Use Cases and begin entering i11 enhancement requests.
  6. Continue work on SDD for COSMOS.
  7. Josh to determine the exact number of lines that SAS has for BTG code since it is close to 250.
  8. Jason to start documenting the Runtime similar to doc Chris has created for SDD Tooling (need URL).
  9. Charlie to get VP approval for Use Cases and put them on a wiki.
  10. Schedule meetings to discuss Runtime design document that is being worked on and circulated.

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