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COSMOS SDD Minutes 12MAY08 Install Work Session

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  • Date: 12MAY08
  • Time: 1:30PM EST
  • Attendees: Mark McCraw, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Jason Losh, Jeff Hamm, Robert DeMason, Chris Sherman, Adrian Dunston, Sheldon Lee-Joy, Hubert Leung, David Whiteman, Charlie Halloran


  1. COSMOS Install Work Session


  1. Slides were sent to dev mailing list.
  2. COSMOS Review:
    • Management Enablement - set of tools that work with the rest of COSMOS project. SDD fits here.
    • Resource Modelling - SML/CML
    • Data Collection and Normalization
    • Data Reporting
  3. Prereqs
    • i10 - BIRT & DOJO not bundled
    • i11 - BIRT & DOJO still not bundled, only package COSMOS web apps and command line utility
  4. Download zips
    • bin
      • configDemo.bat/.sh
      • pass 5 parameters
        1. tomcat loc
        2. COSMOS unzip loc
        3. BIRT zip loc
        4. DOJO zip loc
        5. Axis2 war loc
    • start Tomcat
    • point to COSMOS UI
    • administrative command line app to see Data Managers/Brokers.
      • cosmosClient.bat/.sh
    • Package descriptor
      • .zip (content)
      • dd.xml (deployment descriptor)
      • metadata.xml (additional content, may move inside zip)
    • Deployment descriptor
      • Topology
        • Resources
          • Zip extractor not a resource
          • Change UnzipLocation to InstallLocation
          • Linux variant - how to specify RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 vs SUSE? (Specified in Profile)
          • Windows XP SP2 (Specified in Profile)
      • Data Reporting package separate download from Demo, all we have right now is Demo
      • Configuration needs to go into separate SDD
      • Add Tomcat as a resource, DOJO/BIRT/JRE/etc as requirements
      • Metadata file generator, how do you create it?

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