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COSMOS SDD Minutes 12FEB08

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  • Date: 12FEB08
  • Time: 9AM EST
  • Attendees: Julia McCarthy, Chris Middlebrandt, Julie Holloway, Charlie Halloran, Mark McCraw, Robert DeMason, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Jason Losh, Michael Scharf


  1. Review minutes from last week
  2. Update on tooling use case entry
    • Enhancement requests entered
  3. Tentative: continue use case review
    • Focus on deployment end user use cases
  4. Follow-up on action items
    • Charlie/Chris, continue working w/ IBM legal on committing BTG code
    • Josh, Mark M., Chris to start entering formal tooling use cases
    • Charlie, Mark M., Jason, to discuss P2 and setup deep dive meeting on P2
    • Charlie, Mark W., Jason, to discuss code commit process


  1. Tooling use cases haven't been moved over completely to the main use case document, and the Enhancement Requests have not yet been entered
    • Target due date: prior to next call on Tuesday, Feb. 19th
  2. IBM is working through their legal group to be ready to push the BTG code, they are stripping the SAS contributed code, and SAS will add this code back in their push once IBM's code is pushed
    • Outstanding question from Chris to Mark W. on their generated code (Chris to forward email thread)
  3. We skipped the deployment use cases
  4. Charlie to send update on legal progress later in the day
  5. Mark M. provides general overview of P2 and describes many of the similarities with our requirements
    • Jason asks whether P2 guys could be engaged in a F2F to discuss the overlap so that we can determine where the lines can be drawn between P2 and the SDD Runtime. Charlie to get some times.
  6. Call last Friday between Charlie, Mark W., and Jason to discuss code commit process to use
    • Proposed plan is to go ahead and vote to get Julie for IBM and Jason for SAS added as code committers
    • After first pushes, work quickly to get others from IBM and SAS added as code committers as well, so that there won't be bottlenecks
    • Obviously, this is not the normal process, but since the SDD work will not have any impact on the current COSMOS deliverables and any pushes we make will not break anything except our own code, it is believed that the COSMOS team will not object to doing it this way
  7. Julia brings up the Change Analyzer project in P2 and that it processes an SDD
    • Prototype project in P2, Charlies says it is okay to talk about because it will be going into source (when?)
  8. Jason to send a link with the proposed repository structure and package naming conventions

Action Items

  1. Charlie/Chris/Julie, continue working w/ IBM legal on committing BTG code, Charlie to send status
  2. Josh, Mark M., Chris/Julie to continue work entering formal tooling use cases and Enhancement Requests
  3. Charlie, Mark M., Jason, to discuss P2 and setup deep dive F2F meeting with P2 experts, Charlie to schedule
  4. Mark W. to answer outstanding questions on generated code for BTG and proposed repo structure and package naming conventions
  5. Move forward with vote for Julie and Jason as code committers with COSMOS - Mark W.

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