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COSMOS SDD Minutes 08JAN08

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  • Date: 08JAN08
  • Time: 9AM EST


1) Administrative

  • introductions
  • identify candidate committers
  • identify mentors

2) Use case plans

  • SDD OASIS TC has a list of 215 use cases
    • are there others?
    • will we tackle any in i9 or punt to i10?
  • Time frame for use case completion

3) CMDBf integration/synergy



  • The discussion then moved towards fleshing out use cases related to leveraging CMDBf work. Questions identified:
    • What does the repository look like?
    • What are requirements of the repository?
    • Is it an SML document?
    • Etc.
  • Given the number of questions, newness of CMDBf to the SDD folks and the inverse, it was decided a F2F meeting in the RTP area for those available to attend will be established. A call will also be set so that others may participate remotely.

Action Items

  • Cull through OASIS TC use cases and extract appropriate ones for 1.0 COSMOS release -- CL1 based use cases, non-UI related -- Jason
  • Provide starter set of tooling use cases -- Chris M.
  • Assign mentors to new contributors -- Tania
  • Schedule face to face for CMDBf use cases -- Jason

Team Members Needing Mentors

  • Chris Mildebrandt - IBM
  • Robert DeMason - SAS
  • Jeff Hamm - SAS
  • Josh Hester - SAS
  • Merri Jensen - SAS

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