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== '''Testing environments setup''' ==
i9 QA will be conducted on the following platforms / operarting systems:
# Windows ???
# Linux ???
== '''TBD''' ==
== '''TBD''' ==

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COSMOS QA Activities for i9

This has been put together to address Bugzilla ER 216529.


The terminologies/acronyms below are commonly used throughout this document. The list below defines each term regarding how it is used in this document.

Term Definition
Quality Expectations Is a statement of some behaviour, characteristic or operational facility that a product must exhibit for it to be deemed ‘fit for purpose’. Quality expectations are normally grouped into four main categories: functional/behavioural, operational efficiency, inter operability factors; and admin/management factors (to control TCO).
Acceptance Criteria This is a quantification of how a quality expectation is to be validated. For functional/behavioural quality expectations this is a simple Boolean test – it either works or it doesn’t. Hence, for most scope docs there is no need to specifically define functional acceptance criteria. However, other types of quality expectations – especially performance related areas – do require specific acceptance criteria because the quantification is normally some form of numeric threshold (with optional margin/tolerance) that states minimum levels of acceptable operational efficiency.


The COSMOS quality expectations and the matching acceptance criteria, that would serve as a preamble to the COSMOS QA team while executing their work, were completed via ER 214576.

Since i9 is the first iteration to utilize the QA Expectations, we need to define the i9 QA activities upfront. This will enable us to translate the QA Expectations into an actionable series of steps that ensure QA coverage for i9. This will also serve as the QA plan for i9. Depending on how we execute the QA cycle this time around, we may append to the COSMOS Development Process.

Iteration closure for i9

The following items need to be completed to enable QA to declare the QA phase closed for i9.

  1. All ERs should have JUnits in place. If JUnits are not applicable to a given ER, alternative verification means need to be specified.
  2. The e2e tests for i9 need to be run against the final i9 build
  3. TBD

Testing environments setup

i9 QA will be conducted on the following platforms / operarting systems:

  1. Windows ???
  2. Linux ???


Task Breakdown

This section includes the tasks required to complete this enhancement.

  1. Jimmy Mohsin has generated this page to address bugzilla 216529
  2. The COSMOS team needs to identify the relevant section for this page.
  3. Shivvy, representing the QA team, is supposed to complete this activity by Februrary 22, 2008. This is prior to the commencement of the QA phase for i9.

Open Issues/Questions

All reviewer feedback should go in the Talk page for 216529.

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