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COSMOS ME Minutes 29JUL08


  • Date: 29JUL08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Eric Rose, Yan Zhao, Charlie Halloran, Julia McCarthy, David Whiteman, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Mark McCraw, Jeff Hamm, Jason Losh


  1. Administrative/roll call
  2. i12 status review
    • New build was not available. Please update the i12 status page with the latest state of i12 ERs.
  3. Tooling work
    • Josh is working on sizing estimates for the re-write of the aggregator in Java versus Drools. He is on target for providing this sizing estimate in the SDD tooling meeting on Wednesday afternoon. He will post the sizing estimate to the wiki and email Charlie the link so that Charlie may share to internal IBM consumers.
    • Eric is working on API cleanup and the rest of the IBM team is focusing on internal data collectors.
    • Merri provided an update on the change analyzer and has it successfully building as well as the BTG (with Eric's help, thanks Eric!). Instructions for getting the project updated and building will be posted by Merri when she returns from vacation next week.
  4. Runtime/P2 alignment
    • Jeff discussed his experience in getting a working P2 example during the last week. At a high level, he created a simple RCP app and then created a local metadata repository in which to store it. Then using the provisiong admin UI and underlying P2 example install program, he was able to install the simple RCP app. For more details on the steps, please refer to
    • Next steps are to drill into the P2 director which also includes some install function then start incorporating the SDD libraries we have such as the change analyzer and SDD programmtic interface. We also need to explore adding in the CMDBf toolkit APIs in order to register changes made and also explore how the P2 metadata repository might be expanded using MDR constructs.
    • Goal for the next couple of weeks is to install a simple application described in a simple SDD using the P2 framework.
  5. Future discussion items
    • SML/SDD discussion pending internal IBM review
    • CMDBf toolkit integration - pending more P2 research
    • SDD/OVF alignment - OASIS SDD TC has initiated steps to align these two standards via some formal agreement/understanding between each work group
    • CML - more research needed to shape this discussion

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