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COSMOS ME Minutes 28OCT08


  • Date: 28OCT08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrandt, Eric Rose, Charlie Halloran, Brad Beck, Mark Mccraw, Josh Hester, Robert DeMason, Merri Jensen, Ed Blackman, Jason Losh


  1. Welcome Ed Blackman (SAS) to the team!
  2. Lots of progress but little to discuss. The main focus this week was an update on the change analyzer.
  3. Brad reported that his work was done. Mark grabbed the code and sent it to Jason who attached it to the CQ and returned the CQ to the Eclipse IP team. We must now wait for them to review and approve. Pending that approval I will declare JAXB as a dependency for our work.
  4. Of note is that the new change analyzer does not use the SPI.
  5. Josh reported that the rules orginally targeted for i14 -- that we moved to 1.1 since i14 is primarily focused on QA and bug cleanup -- are done and pushed to head
  6. Josh's nomination for committer status underway (update on Friday is that it was approved!)
  7. Also a Friday update, Jason nominated Brad for committer status as well and that vote is underway.
  8. We briefly touched on community membership and Jason/Charlie took the action to touch base offline
  9. No updates on P2 or the change resolver this week

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