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COSMOS ME Minutes 27MAY08

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  • Date: 27MAY08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrandt, Mark McCraw, Charlie Halloran, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Jason Losh, Eric Rose, Jeff Hamm, Robert DeMason, David Whiteman, Paul Stratton, Yan Zhao


  1. Brief update on action items
  2. SDD runtime design discussion


  1. Design Review
  2. Nothing new on Change Analyzer from Eric, still hasn't heard anything from Eclipse
  3. Jason commit zip extractor this afternoon
  4. Use cases moved over and enter ERs, all done
  5. Tooling ERs not sure if they have been entered yet, Eric to enter
  6. TPTP with JUnits (I don't remember exactly what this was about...)
  7. Use cases from pdf into main wiki page
  8. Design doc discussion

Action Items

  1. Charlie/Chris/Eric, commit code when legal issues are worked out with Eclipse.
  2. Jason to commit SAS zip extractor code.
  3. Continue work on SDD for COSMOS.
  4. Jason to start documenting the Runtime similar to doc Chris has created for SDD Tooling (need URL).
  5. Eric to enter any additional Tooling ERs for i11.
  6. Charlie to set up another meeting with P2 Equinox team.

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