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COSMOS ME Minutes 25NOV08


  • Date: 25NOV08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrandt, Eric Rose, Charlie Halloran, Michael King, Mark Mccraw, Jeff Hamm, Josh Hester, Merri Jensen, Ed Blackman


  1. Cosmos 1.1 Release Schedule is out.
    • Iteration 1 - 1/09/09
    • GA - 6/26/09
    • We need to start looking at identifying what we can put into Iteration 1.
  2. Update on JAXB for change analyzer
    • The submission package was approved by Eclipse legal
    • Copyrights have be cleaned up in a few of the non-generated files
    • Updates will be committed this week.
  3. BTG status
    • Most rules have been completed - Josh expects to be code complete by Dec 1.
    • Dev testing and validation to occur over the following week after code is committed.
  4. Runtime status
    • Jason has reworked the COSMOS SDD and Mark and Jeff are working on getting it validated through the new change analyzer and the change resolver.
    • Jeff and Mark have been discussing design and integration with P2
    • The change resolver prototype design/implementation continues to refine.
  5. SDD/RTX alignment
    • Jason has been leading the charge on this one. We discussed what the overall alignment is supposed to solve.

Action items

  1. Jeff to send email to the dev list for the runtime design discussions.
  2. Mark will reach out to the Resource Modeling group for feedback on the SML/CIM issues surrounding the RTX alignment.

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