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COSMOS ME Minutes 23OCT08 Change Analyzer Status

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  • Conference call on 23OCT08 at 2:00 PM EST. Ajourned at 2:30 PM EST.
  • Participants: Brad, Merri, Mark M., Jeff

Discussion & Status

  • Currently using JAXB 2.0. Chris sent email about using a more current version, but we are going to have to use the version that has been approved through IPzilla since we cannot go to Java 1.6.
  • In the SVN repo the code has been updated to completely remove Tuscany and JAXB bindings have been put in its place.
  • Dependencies on SPI have also been removed, the SDD Schemas were run through JAXB also.
  • If SDD changes we will have to re-run the schema through JAXB to generate new bindings. Don't think that this will happen anytime soon, just something to be aware of.
  • The ChangeAnalyzer in the SVN repo can now be run start to finish. There is some information missing when logical combinations are generated in the flattenedSDD.xml. The class is InstallUnitCombinationProducer, the method is generatePlans. Brad hasn't been able to narrow the problematic code down yet, the code is repetitious and hard to debug.
  • There is also some namespace mapping work that needs to be completed.
  • Action Item: Mark to run CA using Tuscany version and through JAXB version and do a line by line comparison of the outputs.
  • Code is probably ready to be moved over into the Eclipse repo, we just not sure what the right approach to take is, that is do we tag the existing version, make a new branch, put this in a separate package, etc...
  • Action Item: Merri to add discussion of code migration for CA to next week's ME call agenda.

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