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COSMOS ME Minutes 22JUL08

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  • Date: 22JUL08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrant, Charlie Halloran, Eric Rose, Julia McCarthy, Yan Zhao, David Whiteman, Mark McCraw, Jeff Hamm, Merri Jensen, Jason Losh


  1. i12 status review
  2. Tooling work
    • The aggregator component of the BTG will be re-written as a result of the Drools removal in favor of Java. Josh to provide a sizing estimate for this work on 7/30.
    • Given the re-write the IPzillas for Drools have been removed.
    • The change analyzer does not work as is. Merri and Eric to work through some of the issues offline and provide an update in our next meeting.
  3. Runtime/P2 alignment
    • This work is ongoing and much progress has been made over the past couple of weeks. Jeff to discuss a working P2 example for our meeting on 7/29.
  4. SML/SDD alignment discussion
    • Julia to discuss in 2-3 weeks and ping Jason as to the target date of the meeting so the agenda can be set for that discussion.

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