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COSMOS ME Minutes 21OCT08


  • Date: 21OCT08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrandt, Eric Rose, Charlie Halloran, Brad Beck, Jeff Hamm, Mark Mccraw, Josh Hester, Robert DeMason, Merri Jensen, Jason Losh


  1. SDD tools are now included in the download. An action for the group was to check the download packages being created to validate that they contain expected content.
  2. The group discussed bugzilla 240065 and it was decided that the javadoc is very useful and that we want to proceed with getting that in place for the SPI in 1.0
  3. Brad and Mark discussed the progress being made on replacement of Tuscany with JAXB. Good progress is being made here and Mark/Brad continue to check in from time to time to compare notes on progress. Jason took the action to declare a JAXB dependency in Orbit.
  4. Brad and Mark noted that they are sharing source using a subversion repository that Brad has setup. Jason took the action to check with the COSMOS community to determine if we can start working at 1.1 now. Jeff has the same issue in that he has code that has piled up in his playpen. UPDATE: [Jason] I brought this up on the community call today and we are approved to work in 1.1. Commits should be made to HEAD.
  5. Jason and Charlie discussed growing the community and reminded the group that now is a good time to add membership to COSMOS and to the SDD effort. Acresso has expressed some interest in SDD. HP has expressed interest in the CMDB work.
  6. Eric asked a question related to the known issue with the SPI connecting to the internet through a proxy server. That bug will not be fixed for 1.0, but the question is how are those types of bugs surfaced? Is there a release notes/alert notes type of doc included in the download? ACTION: Jason to bring this up on the next community call (10/29) as he forgot to do so on 10/22! Shame, shame.

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