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COSMOS ME Minutes 09SEP08


  • Date: 09SEP08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Charlie Halloran, Eric Rose, Yan Zhao, Brad Beck, Robert DeMason, Josh Hester, Mark McCraw, Jeff Hamm, Merri Jensen, Jason Losh


  1. Administrative
  2. Update on SAS participation
    • Jason gave update that Robert will be leaving the team. New participant (tbd) from SAS will replace him.
  3. i13 testing status
  4. Tooling update (Eric/Chris/Yan/Josh/Robert)
    • Scoping for i14 is underway - target completion 16SEP
    • BTG status (Josh/Robert)
      • Working on TPTP tests for rules submitted in i13
    • Change analyzer update (Merri)
      • Continuing to work through this. Making slow but steady progress.
  5. Runtime update (Jeff)
    • Change resolver design is in progress

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