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COSMOS ME Minutes 03JUN08

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  • Date: 03JUN08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrandt, Charlie Halloran, David Whiteman, Paul Stratton, Mark McCraw, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Eric Rose, Jeff Hamm, Robert DeMason, Yan Zhao


  1. i11 status updates
    • This should be in prep for the community call meeting on Wednesday morning. The following page will be reviewed Note that the week5 page has not been created as of the time the agenda was created (5/30). It will be created prior to the ME meeting on 6/3.
  2. Follow-up on action items
    • My update is that I'm continuing to refine the SDD for COSMOS. Also, I was about to commit the SAS source code but noted an Eclipse process related to internal/provisional APIs that I did not expect. Mark M. and I have been reviewing and think all of our APIs should be provisional at this point. This will cause some refactor in package names.
  3. Runtime architecture discussion based on Julia's feedback

Time permitting … alignment/integration topics

  1. P2/SDD runtime alignment
    • Charlie to provide an update on scheduling a meeting to discuss P2/SDD again
  2. SML/CML/SDD/OVF alignment
    • Pending discussion between Mark W. and Jason. No update yet.
  3. CMDBf integration
    • Tee this as a future discussion item as well. May not be covered in this call.


  1. Merri will get all of May's minutes posted before next weeks meeting if it kills her!!!
  2. Charlie filling in for Jason while he is away on vacation. Charlie or Jeff to represent ME on Wed community call.
  3. ill status update
    • 1.0 stability and requirements look complete
      • Two items remain to be updated, assigned to David Whiteman and Jimmy Mohsin
  4. SDD code
    • Issue with package naming for provisional vs internal vs public
    • COSMOS_API_Cleanup
    • David explains the following:
      • Provisional means that you are clost to production, you still have tweeks to make but you are ready for testing and use.
      • Internal means that use is restricted to project development, external customers cannot use the API, since it can change at will.
      • Can reference internal APIs b/w plugins, but they would not be expected to be utilized by consumers.
      • Recommendation is to use internal, unless you want people to invoke it directly. SDD should start with majority of the code with internal, obviously there will be a small set that is provisional.
      • Would change to provisional to public (which is just the lack of provisional or internal in the package name) ideally at 1.0, but will probably be after 1.0.
      • This is not a statement of code is bug free, but rather a statement of how stable the API names are.
      • This convention was suggested by Harm Sluiman the COSMOS mentor, who is part of the TPTP project.
  5. P2 meeting has not been scheduled yet.
  6. Julia's feedback to Runtime design document
    • Julia's document didn't go to everyone, nor was it posted, so I have uploaded it and we will discuss next week.

Action Items

  1. Jason to commit SAS zip extractor code, Mark to change packages to align with COSMOS requirements.
  2. Continue work on SDD for COSMOS.
  3. Jason to start documenting the Runtime similar to doc Chris has created for SDD Tooling (need URL).
  4. Eric to enter any additional Tooling ERs for i11.
  5. Charlie to set up another meeting with P2 Equinox team.
  6. SDD User Guide?
  7. Discuss Runtime design documentation.

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