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COSMOS Document Plan

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This is not the official document planning Web page.

Table of Contents
COSMOS User's Guide
1. Overview [Owner: Mark Weitzel]

     1.1 Project Objectives [Owner: Mark Weitzel]
     1.2 Application Integration and Data Federation [Owner: Hubert Leung]
                 1.2.1 Service Registration and Discovery - Management Domain and Brokers [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
                 1.2.2 Data Managers - Adapters for integrating applications to the COSMOS infrastructure [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
                 1.2.3 Support for CMDBf [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
     1.3 Management Enablement [Owner: Balan Subramanian]
                 1.3.1 WSDM Tooling [Owner: Balan Subramanian]
                 1.3.2 WSDM Annotations [Owner: Joel Hawkins]
     1.4 Web Console for System Administrators [Owner: Sheldon Lee-Loy]
     1.5 Service Modeling Language (SML) [Owner: Valentina Popescu]
     1.6 Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) [Owner: Jason Losh]

COSMOS Development Guide
2. Development Guide [Owner: Mark Weitzel]

     2.1 Running the Example [Owner: Hubert Leung]
     2.2 Constructing a Data Manager [Owner: Hubert Leung]
     2.3 Constructing an MDR [Owner: Hubert Leung]
                 2.3.1 Providing CMDBf Services [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
     2.4 Extending the Web User Interface Framework [Owner: Sheldon Lee-Loy]
     2.5 Deploying COSMOS [Owner: Hubert Leung]
     2.6 Use of WSDM Annontations [Owner: Joel Hawkins]

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