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COSMOS Design 223270

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Sheldon Lee-Loy 01/07/2008
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Workload Estimation

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Design Sheldon Lee-Loy
Build and infrastructure
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'* - includes other committer work (e.g. check-in, contribution tracking)


The COSMOS UI provides a way to create queries to an MDR. However it does not provide a mechanism to manage these queries. Some of the management services are as follows:

  • Ability to persist newly created queries
  • Ability to rename queries
  • Ability to delete existing queries



Consider the current architecture that outlines how the client browsers interact with the COSMOS UI to show queries in the navigator. A set of predefined queries are stored in a repository. This repository is read and loaded when the client browser starts up.


Solution 1

There are two methods to support user defined queries. Traditionally, user data is stored on the server side. However there are several services that are required to manage user data on the server side. Consider the following architecture change.


Notice that the server now needs a mechanism to manage user data (ie. user profiles, user login services, etc.)

Solution 2

The second method does not make use of the server to store user data. Rather the client browser stores the user data using the "DOM storage" feature provide in HTML 5 spec. (Refer to

Consider the following diagram.


Dom storage is currently only available inf FireFox 2. In other cases the Google Gadget or Flash storage plugin is required in the browser.

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