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  • Status updates and agenda changes
  • Review action items
  • Data collection framework status
  • Review Data Visualization design consideration


  • Don Ebright
  • Hubert Leung
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Mark Weitzel


Project Status

Hubert is checking into whether the data collection bundles can be built within the existing PDE-based build infrastructure as if they were plugins.

Data Visualization query design

Sheldon presented his design considerations for the data visualization query interface document here.
We discussed possible adoption points and the distinction between components that we expect to be adopted as is and those that are more suited to serve as examples that can be adapted to the adopter's particular requirements. We agreed that it is appropriate to expect components that implement a standard such as CIM, WSDM, JMX, SDMX, etc. to be directly consumable. It is also reasonable to assume that the generic query interface should be an adoption point. There was less clarity about how to create a POJO layer that is easily adoptable, but the group may be able to drive standardization in this area.
Joel indicated that SDMX looks like a good fit for our generic query interface for statistical data. We agreed to look further into SDMX and prepare to discuss it at next week's architecture call. We also agreed to discuss the integration of the SDMX metadata layer with SML in Toronto.

Action Items

  • Mark and Don to discuss persistence layer, JPA, EclipseLink, etc.
  • Joel to look into Corona bundle build process for reuse in data collection build.
  • Sheldon to inform Joel about building a TPTP-compliant test cases from junit tests.
  • Sheldon and others to refine query APIs to include return types and selection details.
  • All to come prepared to discuss SDMX on next week's architecture call.

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