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COSMOS Main Page > Minutes of Community Calls

Logistics Time: 1:00-2:00pm ET

Call in number, US: 888 241 8547

Call in number, international: 719 884 0812

Pass code: 999451

  • Attendees:
    • Craig Thomas (Groundwork opensource);
    • Don Ebright (Compuware)
    • Vasya Gorhkov (OCS)
    • Oliver Cole (OCS)
    • Brian Vetter (Alterpoint)
    • Steve Jerman (Cisco)
    • Valentina Popescu (IBM)
    • Mark Weitzel (IBM)
    • Harm Sluiman (IBM)
    • Toni Drapkin (IBM)


  • Review of the Project Creation Review materials overall went very good. The team provided Mark with suggested updates to the package which he is making. Key decisions made during the call are:
    • We should show a project structure in the create review materials that lists the component leaders. A component leader will ensure a plan is defined and participate on the newsgroup. This will require help from the group but is the responsibility of the component owner to drive.
      • BtM - Oliver Cole.
      • Resource Modeling - Valentina Popescu with help from Steve Jerman
      • Data Collection - Don Ebright *
      • Reporting - Craig Thomas *

(Don & Craig will verify next week if they can do this.)

  • Additional comments were:
    • Project create – the scope is ok; but its very ambitious for the first release.
    • Deployment implies configuration; this is more along the lines of what we’d need from a CMDB.
    • In the early pictures there are “data stores”; what is missing is the storage mechanism within the picture.
    • CMDB may not be the term to use, perhaps we should use the term change management.
    • Flip green & purple boxes to show a logical flow.
  • General suggestion that we add a page to the wiki where we can log FAQ's.
  • Eclipse Con planning was moved to next week since we ran out of time.

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