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Note: The contents of this page refer to a past CDT summit. For information on other and possible upcoming summits visit CDT/summits

Feel free to add any items you'd like to discuss.

  • Everyone
    • Introductions - who are you, why do you care about the CDT, what are your plans for the CDT.
  • Doug Schaefer
    • Supporting EFS with CDT making it more flexible to swap out file systems.
    • Managing CDT APIs - we need to get much better at this to support add ons.
    • Process/Guidelines - how to we do our releases
      • Bugzilla guidelines - e.g. what does '--' mean as a target milestone
      • Milestone/release candidate cycles
      • API change guidelines (related to above)
    • What do we call the CDT Ganymede release? 4.1 or 5.0?
    • How do we co-ordinate testing?
    • Should we move to SVN?
    • Documentation planning (with Angelina)
  • Device Debugging/DSF related (Pawel Piech)
    • Debugger Integration Issues
      • How to bundle DSF-based GDB debugger with CDT. I.e. how should the CDI launch configurations coexist with DSF launch configurations as well as with vendor-specific launch configurations? (open discussion)
      • How can vendor-specific breakpoints co-exist with standard CDT breakpoints in the CDT editor? (Pawel)
    • Demonstration of the DSF-based GDB debugger. (Francois)
    • High-level "how to" presentation for integrating a custom back end with DSF. (Pawel)
    • Common patterns and stumbling blocks in DSF. (Francois and Marc)
  • IBM
  • Wind River
    • Tooling and Indexer (Markus) - Slides
  • Intel
    • New Project Model and Build System (Mikhail S)
  • Nokia
    • Review of customer feedback (Ken Ryall) Slides
    • Overview of potential contributions (Ken Ryall)
  • TI
    • CDT enhancements implemented by TI (Dobrin Alexiev) Slides

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