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Note: The contents of this page refer to a past CDT summit. For information on other and possible upcoming summits visit CDT/summits

CDT/Linux Tools/PTP/Trace Compass Summit at EclipseCon 2016

A one-day CDT/Linux Tools/PTP/Trace Compass Summit was held at EclipseCon 2016 in Reston, Virgina, on Monday March 7th, 2016.

A related Hackathon was also held on Tuesday night from 19h to 21h.

Please see below for minutes.


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  • What's new in CDT?
    • Demo of full GDB console (with a prompt, history, completion, etc)
      • Marc K demoed the full console support (and coined the term "horrible console" for CDT's current gdb console)
      • The work in based on Doug's terminal console.
      • Issues discussed
        • The full gdb console is meant to be used actively. However, it keeps being hidden by the process consoles. The user has to pin the gdb console and open a second console view to see the process output. This is not very intuitive. Can we do something to help?
          • Can we automate those steps for the user i.e., cloning and pinning when the full gdb console is available?
          • Maybe we should have a dedicated view for the full gdb console. This may be more understandable to the user.
        • Using the new console changes the way DSF-GDB start GDB. This can affect extenders that override how this is done in
          • We agreed to use a new API that extenders could not be already extending. This will avoid them overriding the new way to start GDB automatically and wrongly.
      • This support depends on GDB and will be part of the 7.12 release, which is scheduled for after Neon. Due to this, we plan on only putting the console support in CDT for the 9.1 release of September 2016
    • New Source Lookup feature
      • Tracy presented the efforts Jonah has been putting in fixing the Source Lookup support in CDT.
      • It was a good kick in the butt to get Marc K to find time for the review. The review is now completed as of March 14th.
    • New CDT Build
  • Plan for next CDT releases
    • Neon goes to 3 update releases: September, December, March
      • We had a detailed discussion about the best release plan. The resulting proposal is documented in this email to the cdt-dev list


  • Lunch provided by EclipseCon
    • Great lunches all week. The vegetarian meals were particularly good, to the point that the meat-eaters were asking for them. Yum.


  • Python scripting with EASE
    • Tracy gave an awesome demo of extending the current running eclipse using EASE
      • She had 7 or 8 examples of different things that can be done with EASE and will be posting those examples for other to get inspired
      • For example, one can write a 10 line python script that will add a button to a running eclipse and hook it up to an existing actions. Say I very often want to clean my projects; currently I have to go to the menus for this; with EASE, I can write 10 lines that will add a button to whatever view I want, say the package explorer, and hook that button to the Project->Clean... action. And this will affect my currently running eclipse (development eclipse), I don't need to launch a second one.
  • More CDT release discussions (see above)
  • CDT 9.0 API status
    • We went over the API-breaking list of items documented here and updated things based on our current expectations.
    • At the hackathon, Jonah was on-line from Europe working with us to get his contribution to remove CDI committed. Hats off to him for his thorough work, the review revealed nothing to improve. By the end of the Hackathon, over 84,0000 lines of code had been removed. More cleanup is still possible, but the lion-share is done.


  • Break


  • Automated UI Testing
    • RCPTT demo and planned improvements
      • There was no demo but we had discussions.
      • Opinions in the room were varied with some people liking RCPTT while others preferring SWTBot
        • RCPTT has a much better recording
        • RCPTT uses a proprietary language for its tests. So for a developer, it is not as nice to write tests than simply writing them in Java
        • RCPTT is more difficult to debug because it uses a different language, but also because debugging RCPTT itself is more difficult than debugging SWTBot.
        • SWTBot inter-operates very easily with JUnit
      • No formal recommendation has been made for CDT.
  • CPP Package content
    • It was suggest that we should remove Mylyn for the CPP package to avoid clutter since it does not seem to be very popular.
    • However, the consensus was that having Mylyn does not actually deter users from getting the CPP package
    • We need better justification for such a removal.
    • We will keep Mylyn in the CPP package for now.
  • C/C++ Standalone Debugger package (like Trace Compass Standalone package)
    • People believed that having an EPP Package doesn't help much for adoption, especially a specialized one like the Standalone Debugger
    • Instead, the CDT webpage must be fixed to make downloading these things very easy
  • What shall we do with our current CDT Launches?
    • We didn't have time to discuss this. However, it was discussed (passionately) at the LaunchBar BOF
    • Bottom line, the LaunchBar aims to automate launches enough that users are not bothered often by their complexity.
    • There was talk about simplifying the launches further, but no consensus could be reached and a prototype is needed to establish if that can even be achieved.
  • How do we tell our users about cool features?
    • We ran out of time for this topic.


  • Happy Hour (Exhibit Area)


  • Sponsored Summit dinner
    • We had a great time together at the dinner. Each year is even better than the last as we all get to know each other better. Thank you to Ericsson and Polarsys for the sponsorship!

CDTDinner2016-1.jpg CDTDinner2016-2.jpg.


  1. Marc Khouzam - Ericsson
    • Community, Debug, Project direction, Multicore, Visualizer, Tracing
  2. Doug Schaefer - QNX
    • Build and Launch, Qt, CMake, Arduino, LaunchBar, Android, ...
  3. Elena Laskavaia (also known as Alena) - QNX
    • Launch, Debug, UX, LaunchBar, Codan, Quick Fix, Source gen & Refactoring, Linux Tools
  4. Jeff Johnston - Red Hat
    • Autotools, Linux Tools, Debug
  5. Sergey Prigogin - Google
    • Parser, Index, Codan, Quick Fixes, Source generation & Refactoring
  6. Tracy Miranda - Kichwa Coders
    • Debug
  7. Roland Grunberg - Red Hat
    • Linux Tools
  8. Marc-André Laperle - Ericsson
    • Build (CMake, Autotools, etc), Launch, Debug, Tracing, UX, Parser, Index, Codan, Quick Fix, Source gen & Refactoring, Releng
  9. William Riley - Renesas
    • Debug, UX, Build, Launch, Tracing
  10. Jesper Eskilson - IAR Systems
    • Debug, Build, Launch
  11. Mario Pierro - IAR Systems
    • Debug, Build, Launch
  12. Mike Harrington - Analog Devices
    • Debug, Tracing, Linux Tools
  13. David Cummings - QNX
    • Everything
  14. Alexander Kurtakov - Red Hat
    • Everything
  15. Jonathan Williams - QNX
  16. Dominique Toupin - Ericsson
  17. Vincent Guignot - Ingenico
  18. Ugur Ozdemir - Tubitak


A Hackathon was held Tuesday night. It was planned for 19h to 21h but actually lasted until almost 22h. People worked on different things with the removal of CDI through a contribution from Jonah (who was on Skype!) being the most noteworthy.

Doug took this representative picture of the activity on our build machine as people were submitting code at the hackathon:


The removal of CDI also made the EclipseCon closing ceremonies' statistics:


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