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[ The CDT Debugger Architecture (Mikhail Khodjaiants)]
[ The CDT Debugger Architecture (Mikhail Khodjaiants)]
[ DSDP Status Update (Doug Gaff)]
[ DSDP Status Update (Doug Gaff)]

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The CDT Contributors Summit 2005 will be held Tuesday, October 25-27, 2005 at QNX Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.


Click here for the agenda.


CDT-Wide Concept of "Tool-chain" (Leo Treggiari)

CDT Quality Report Card - Where are we with respect to performance and scalability (Leo Treggiari)

MBS Plans and_Requirements - Part1 (Leo Treggiari)

Synchronizing Project Start-up (Leo Treggiari)

CDT DOM Roadmap (Doug Schaefer)

Template Engine (Lars Kurth) Examples

The CDT Debugger Architecture (Mikhail Khodjaiants)

DSDP Status Update (Doug Gaff)

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