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(QNX) Doug, (Symbian) Andrew, (Intel) Leo, Mikhail S, (ARM) Neil, Mikhail K, (IBM) Chris, Jason, Vivian, Rob, (Siemens) Norbert


  • CDT 3.1.1
    • Code Freeze is on Thursday.
    • If there are any bugs that need to be fixed for 3.1.1 please set the target milestone
    • The list must reach zero before we can do a release candidate
    • Callisto.1 will be ready to go on the 15th. CDT 3.1.1 will appear on the Callisto update site.
  • CDT Summit Agenda
    • Feel free to add/edit/remove any items from the wiki. Don't worry about order or which day. We can figure that out just before we start. The only specific request I have is to do debug on Wednesday.
    • Chris has an item on add includes in the face of build info.
  • Other Items
    • Mikhail K is awaiting paper work before he can commit significant code again. He may need to move some of his 3.1.1 defects later.
    • Is it possible to use Skype for conference calls? Although this wouldn't work if people didn't have access to the net or if they wanted to call from a conference room. Something to think about.

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