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Attendees: Leo (Intel), Marc (Ericsson), Ken (Nokia), James (Broadcom), Navid (TI), Jeff (Red Hat), Randy (Wind River), Christian (QNX), John (Freescale), Pawel (Wind River), Elena (QNX), and probably more.

  • CDT 6.0.2 is out the door. We will do additional builds as people need them. We will post the cdt-master zip file for the builds but we will not update the update site, unless there is something blocking that really needs to be fixed.
  • CDT 7.0 M6 build is scheduled for next Friday, March 12. This is the API freeze build. If there are API changes needed after that date, they will need to be communicated (via cdt-dev and bugzilla) and reviewed by the community.
  • M7 is the feature freeze and the build is schedule for April 30.
    • Great work by Marc and the community to put extra effort on reaching CDI-GDB parity. Thank you!
    • We will switch the default debug integration to DSF for M6 to ensure we give it as much exposure as we can.
    • We will continue to work on parity defects and stabilization
    • At M7 we will re-evaluate to see whether things are good enough to go out that way.
    • We need to step up the test effort and run the JUnits on all top tier platforms and gdb versions.
      • We've identified Linux (which distro/version?), Mac, Windows MinGW, Windows Cygwin as the top tier platforms.
      • We didn't really identify which gdb versions other than the MinGW ones, 7.0.x, 6.8, 6.6. Need feedback from community on what they are using.
      • We need to track who's testing what to ensure everything is covered.
  • User Docs
    • DSF-GDB isn't in the user docs
    • And there are other holes there
    • Jeff is looking through them now and Doug will take a pass and clean them up as well.
  • Codan
    • This is the static analysis framework Elena is working on
    • Will add it to the cdt-master zip as an optional feature for CDT 7.0
  • Build
    • Doug will send a note on his current thinking on Build
    • We will talk about it at the CDT BOF at EclipseCon as well.

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