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  • What's up with Doug
  • Program
    • CDT 4.0.3/Europa Spring Maintenance Release
    • CDT 5.0/Ganymede
  • Technical Discussions
    • Common/shared breakpoints between CDI/DSF (Pawel)
    • Refactoring (Markus)


  • Attendees: Leo (Intel), Pawel (Wind), Beth (IBM), Bill (Intel), John (Freescale), Chris (IBM), Jason (IBM), Vivian (IBM), Mike (IBM), Mikhail (Intel), Ken (Nokia)
  • Doug's at Wind River now, he's involved less in the CDT but that should only affect coding time. And he'll start sounding more like a manager now that he is one. :)
  • [Bug 211533]
    • Pawel has proposed API
    • John had concerns with hardware breakpoints but API doesn't block them
    • Platform has [bug 212316] on a more general area but not sure they'll have time to do it. But it's not critical.
  • General discussion on DSF
    • Progress is going well on the MI integration with DSF. Still some things to do though and it's not clear when they'll get done.
    • Still interest in the community to leverage DSF
    • But we will need to keep CDI around and will need to determine at what level as we get closer to RC0.
    • This also points out we need to make sure we build the CDT so that it targets specific environments so that we can pick the right integration for the user.
  • Core discussion
    • Chris R is working on the IPath transition to support remote EFS file systems and is pursuing a plan that seems like a good compromise for all concerns.
    • We also need to really understand how the CDT is using IPath to make sure we do the right thing. We've made a lot of assumptions over the years.
  • EclipseCon
    • We will have a CDT BOF
    • But we also need to have a project meeting for the contributors that will be there. I'll organize that through the cdt-dev list.

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