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Attendees: MontaVista, Intel, QNX, TI, Nokia

Not much this month as everyone is getting back up to speed.

3.0.2 Activity
   - Everyone is fixing bugs
   - No debug API changes, Mikhail will set up a call to discuss debug stuff
   - Doug recommends testing on Eclipse 3.1.2
   - RC0 is Jan 28 with target of mid Feb for release

3.1 Activity
   - PDOM progressing well
   - Debug Modules View has been prototyped with new debug APIs
      - more discussion needed on what to do with debug
   - MBS is bug fixing mainly
   - RC0 is planned for Mid April, Callisto in sync RC's will begin mid May
   - target end of June for release

Nokia has legal approval to submit their contribution and are working on
a few remaining hurdles before they are ready.

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