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Call information

19/01/2007, 16:00 UTC

Toll Free: 1-866-797-9099
Global Tool Free: 800 7279-1480
Local: 613-787-5142
Conf ID: 2679242


  • roundtable of progress
  • within fragment filtering on binding types
  • index provider design question (see 167096)
  • continue remote indexing discussions


Chris, Vivian, Jason (IBM) Doug (QNX) Markus (WindRiver) Andrew (Symbian)


  • roundtable
* Andrew: has seen offline indexing work in his local sandbox from end to end, some design questions over choices in parts of the implementation
* Doug: has fixed scalability issue with file mapping of ~450MB pdoms. Moved to JVM heap-based buffers, some performance degradation. Customizable limit of max memory used. This is on the 3.1.2 branch, hopes to port to CDT 4.0 towards the end of feb. Co-op student making good progress with porting Content Assist to the PDOM. Markus is interested to see the code for this earlier. Templates in the PDOM probably around march.
* Chris: Working with Jason on language extensibility. Setup per-project mapping for language to content type. Currently no notification mechanism, e.g. re-index. Doug suggests CElementDelta. Hope to commit a first cut early next week.
* Jason: 3 concerns about IIndex in remote indexing scenario: locking (case where connection is broken), query (returns bindings, bindings from a graph), remote+local bindings in results
* Markus: work continues on the Type Hierarchy. Fixed floating PDOMCPPBase problem.
  • Discussion about remote indexing. Still concerns about the impact on the architecture, and how much the requirements are shared amongst CDT. Not yet resolved. IBM to investigate all solutions more.
  • Within fragment filtering - Doug suggests callback. Andrew to investigate. Markus says this is the intention with the existing IndexFilter.
  • Composite Bindings vs IIndex.findInNamespace vs changing ICPPNamespace methods - Andrew to follow up discussion in bugzilla.
  • Andrew hoping for feedback on:
  • Markus and Doug keen to see as much code in CDT earlier than later. Doug hoping to look more at Template Engine contribution currently in ipZilla.

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