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Agenda (Proposed)

  • Do we need to co-ordinate unit test writing?
  • Performance testing
  • 74433 (offline/composite indexes) update
  • Discussion of index model (IndexFactory)
    • Should an indexer attached to project A write to other projects
    • Do we want to model static functions, unnamed namespaces in the index?
  • How to present elements from the index in the UI.
  • Proposal: Use String instead of IPath in IIndex and IIndexFragment to reduce dependencies for remote clients


  • Doug (QNX)
  • Markus (WindRiver)
  • Chris (IBM)
  • Vivian (IBM)
  • Jason (IBM)
  • Mike (IBM)
  • Andrew (Symbian)


  • Co-ordination of unit tests
    • We're happy for duplication to happen - more tests is better than fewer
  • Performance testing
    • Andrew to try to get this working locally
  • 74433 update
    • proof on concept is working, by having new PDOMBinding records used instead of placeholders
    • work has begun on an CIndexProvider extension point. Proposed draft patch to follow
    • a IPDOMVisitor impementation for traversing multiple pdom has been tested, we might not need this
    • question over whether we need a composite implementation for bindings at all - it seemsnamespaces are the only type of binding which surface substructure that is alterable outside of a translation unit. Andrew to raise a bugzilla about whether these methods could be removed
  • static functions
    • Markus to comment in bugzilla
  • anonymous namespaces
    • Markus to remove them from index (they go in under the empty name)
  • Finding the enclosing function for a reference - this is not currently stored in the index
    • Suggestion of storing additional location information in a special definition class
    • Markus to raise a bugzilla
  • Standardization of displaying objects from the index in a UI
    • Lifecycle issue - objects returned from index queries can expire
    • Markus suggests using ICElements to store information
  • IBM propose using String rather than IPath in index API
    • Discussion of whether IIndexFragment can be public long term. Doug says ways of organizing this to come from guidelines on managing APIs
    • We need to support EFS also - which uses URI (part of the JDK - so may benefit IBM)
    • Solving relocatable PDOM's is probably orthogonal to EFS vs IPath
  • Talk about resolving bindings from the AST against the PDOM (rather than the DOM)
    • Andrew to write unit tests as this overlaps with offline indexing
    • Markus to spend some time looking at code, and maybe adding comments
    • Doug says Andrew Niefer is probably still happy to donate time (as the original author) to help with questions

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