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Project-less Execution

For a while now CDT has supported debugging a program that was not part of a project. With CDT 8.7, the same can be done when Running a program. What this means is that the user can specify any C/C++ program on the file system in a Run configuration and CDT will execute it.

CDT ProjectLessRun.png


Options for Format with Empty Selection

The Format command (Ctrl+Shift+F) in C/C++ editor can now be configured to format either the whole file or the current statement when no code is selected.

C Editor Preference Page.png

If Ask for confirmation is checked, the command will display a dialog asking user what to do:

Select Formatting Scope Dialog.png



Multicore Visualizer

Add persistent information storage

The Multicore Visualizer was enhanced to permit easy persistence of information. The information is saved in the workspace, and can be global for any instance of the view or saved per view.

As part of this change, the state of the load meters is now preserved, per MV view instance.

This feature was completed through Bug 460837.

Make showing debug actions in toolbar configurable

The presence of Debug actions (Resume, Suspend, Step-into, etc) in the Multicore Visualizer toolbar has been previously discussed. Those buttons are "clones" of the platform debug buttons, already present in the main toolbar and optionally in the Debug View toolbar.

By default, the Debug actions are displayed in each MV view toolbar, but can be hidden, using the toggle action from the view menu:

MV-show debug actions in toolbar2.1.png

Debug actions hidden:

MV-show debug actions in toolbar3.png

The user's choice is preserved, per MV view, in the current workspace.

This feature was completed through Bug 460476.

Simplified extensibility for CDT's debug views

For extenders of CDT's debugger (DSF-GDB), we have made it easier to override the behaviour of the debug views. This is made possible by allowing to extend and the new An example of this can be seen in org.eclipse.cdt.examples.dsf.gdb.

This improvement was completed through Bug 462623.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 8.7

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