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  • The new Sort Lines command that sorts selected lines alphabetically.
  • Surround with menu [Bug 289339]



  • Grouping of macro definitions in the Outline view. [Bug 233390]


Code Analysis

New code analysis framework is introduced, called Codan. See this wiki for details. It comes with a few checkers:
CDT70 Codan.png


  • Allow to decide where to place getters and setters [Bug 285375]
  • Refactoring-History for the CDT Refactorings [Bug 282843]



  • Compiler errors and warnings highlighting in build console. Navigation from errors in build console to location in editor with double-click on the highlighted line, [Bug 295625]

CDT ConsoleProblemHighlighting.png

  • Regular Expression Error Parser. Can be used to parse errors from non-standard compilers, [Bug 109139]

CDT RegexErrorParser.png

  • Ability to save build log to a file, [Bug 306222]

CDT SaveLog.png

  • New keyboard bindings "Run Last Make Target" F9/Shift-F9, [Bug 69922]

CDT LastMakeTarget.png

  • Organized project context menu related to build, [Bug 309579] . Reworked "Build Selected Configurations" dialog, [Bug 230185]

CDT ProjectContextMenu.png CDT BuildSelected.png

  • Organized build preferences under "Build" page, [Bug 289169] .

CDT BuildPreferences.png

CDT NewIcons70.png

  • Import/Export in Includes and Symbols tabs on the Paths and Symbols project properties, [Bug 282854]

CDT ImportIncludes.png

  • Better algorithms to recognize MinGW and Cygwin toolchains, [Bug 195572], [Bug 303900], [Bug 213920]
  • When a Hello World project is created, open generated file automatically, [Bug 301732]
  • Allow saving files while external Makefile builds are in progress
  • Headless Builder has been improved: supports configuration selection; returns error code if built projects have error markers
  • ManagedBuild GCC toolchain supports pre included header files (-include switch to gcc) [Bug 115601]

Referenced Projects/Configurations

  • CDT Project References can be ordered. Referenced paths and symbols automatically track this order.
  • References to library projects are automatically linked in [76407]
  • A configuration can reference another configuration in the same project [291887]



  • The default debugger for the CDT is now using a different debugging framework and is called DSF-GDB. It provides better support for newer GDB versions, such as 6.7, 6.8 and 7.x, for older versions you would have to edit preferences to use the old framework (CDI) by default. See full list of DSF-GDB features here.
  • Support for GDB tracepoints. See the wiki page for details. Available in DSF-GDB only.
  • Support for Non-Stop debugging (stopping one or more threads while the others continue to execute). Requires GDB 7.0 or newer.

CDT NonStopDebugging.png

  • Support for Reverse debugging which allows to undo execution. Requires GDB 7.0 or newer and only available on Linux. Available in DSF-GDB only. A webinar on the topic is available here.
  • Run-to-line feature now allows to run to any line in the program, instead of only lines within the same method. [Bug 233230]
  • Support of GDB's pretty-printing feature. Requires GDB 7.0 or newer as well as python, and GDB's python pretty-printers. Some information available here.
  • Improved support for interrupting the application when debugging on a Windows target. [Bug 304096]

Bugs Fixed in this Release

Fixed in CDT 7.0

Known Limitations

  • Cannot run or debug class in a project with GB18030 characters in workspace/project name.  Most class libraries do not properly support the creation of a system process (via java.lang.Runtime.exec(...)) when the specified command line contains GB18030 characters. This limitation means the scanner discovery mechanism and debugger cannot launch applications when the command line it generates contains GB18030 characters. Details in [Bug 308803]

What's new in 7.0.1?

Fixed in CDT 7.0.1

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