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This page details the effort to create a stand-alone Debugger using Eclipse.



Sept 17, 2013

  • first pass at standalone GDB debugger using CDT components
  • using Eclipse application and restricting plug-ins used
  • debugger is working but indexer is not being invoked
  • header files not being recognized

Sept 23, 2013

  • added default GCC spec file LanguageSettingsProvider
  • this gets standard header files to open in Outline view

Sept 30, 2013

  • added code to add all source files specified as Project resources
  • this gets indexer to work and adds non-C-standard header file support

Oct 07, 2013

  • Removed Source and Refactoring menus using IActivity filters

Oct 14, 2013

  • added support for reading .debug_macro section to find command-line flags
  • currently not being picked up by indexer for header files

Oct 17, 2013

  • added Dwarf 4 support to CDT Dwarf.java