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Preparing for a release

  • Create a release record well in advance to announce the release. This is done while logged in, from the project page . This can be done even before the preceding release is done. It is used to indicate our intention.
  • About 2 months before the release, probably around but before RC1, make sure the corresponding release record is properly complete and ready for review.
  • Deal with IP. Now that we only accept contribution through Gerrit, there really shouldn't be much to do.
    1. Run the bugzilla checker for iplog:
    2. Address recommendations which are probably patches that were posted on bugzilla and then moved to Gerrit. In that case mark the patches as iplog-
    3. Generate the IPLog. Go to the project page and while logged in, use "Committer Tools" on the right to "Generate IPLog (project)"
    4. Review the IPLog created. There shouldn't be much to change, if anything at all.
    5. Submit the IPLog using the button at the bottom of the IPLog page. This will create a CQ. Once the IP team finishes the review they will attach the iplog to the CQ.
  • Request Tools PMC approval for the release by sending an email to "tools-pmc at" of the form
Title: PMC approval requested for CDT 8.6.0

Dear PMC Members,

We'd like PMC approval for the CDT 8.6.0 minor release that is scheduled to coincide with Eclipse Luna SR2.  The release contains both bug fixes and new features [1].

The project's IP Log has been submitted and is awaiting approval.



  • Schedule a release review. From the release review page e.g., review for 8.6, there should be a green link at the top that says "Schedule a review". Once pressed the review will be available but to make it public an email must be sent to the EMO (emo at like this:
Title: Please schedule CDT's 8.6.0 Release Review

could we schedule a release review [1] for CDT's next minor release scheduled to coincide with Luna SR2, on Feb 27th, 2015?  PMC approval has been requested [2]




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