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* [[CDT/ScannerDiscovery61/LeosThoughts | Leo's Thoughts]]
* [[CDT/ScannerDiscovery61/LeosThoughts | Leo's Thoughts]]
* [[CDT/ScannerDiscovery61/TracyThoughts | Tracy's Thoughts]]
* [[CDT/ScannerDiscovery61/TracyThoughts | Tracy's Thoughts]]
* [[CDT/ScannerDiscovery61/LeosAddlThoughts | Leo's Additional Thoughts on Contributors]]

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The Issues

  • Difficult to create new scanner discovery profiles. Related bug: 219940
  • Too gnu centric. Related bug: 226419
  • Unable to easily refresh the discovered data when the environment changes Related bugs: 206372,142619,190902,264841
  • The UI for setting the scanner discovery profile is very confusing. Related bugs: 250166,255694,256374,262219
  • Scanner Discovery data is not tied to configurations
  • Unable to support multiple discover providers
  • Difficult to integrate built-in discovery with Managed Build.
  • No consistent API for integrators to contribute Path and Macros.
  • No one knows the architecture of scanner discovery
  • Build environment needs to integrate with scanner discovery.

The Plan

  1. Discover scanner discovery - document the existing architecture
  2. From that figure out what we need to do, follow bug 290631


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