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Note: The contents of this page refer to planning documents of past Eclipse CDT releases. See CDT/planning for current information.

The Europa Fall Maintenance Release Schedule is as follows:

  • Mon, Sept 24, 2007 - Platform build
  • Wed, Sept 26, 2007 - CDT build
  • Fri, Sept 28, 2007 - Release

To prepare for this release the CDT will release candidate builds as follows:

  • Fri, Sept 7, 2007 - RC0
  • Fri, Sept 14, 2007 - RC1
  • Fri, Sept 21, 2007 - RC2

Between RC2 and the final build on the 26'th only emergency fixes should be made. There is no real criteria for the other RC's other than for committers to be more and more cautious as the release nears completion.

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