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Note: The contents of this page refer to planning documents of past Eclipse CDT releases. See CDT/planning for current information.


  • Support headless creation of indexes (PDOM), and import of these prebuilt indexes into user workspaces. bug 74433.
    • Enable pdom index files to be relocatable (contain relative or symbolic paths)
  • Refactor the parser to allow it to be deployed as a standalone JAR file if so desired. bug 151846
  • Refactor the indexer to allow it to be deployed as a standalone JAR file if so desired. bug 158975
  • Refactor the indexer to remove hard dependencies on having an Eclipse project. bug 151847
  • Allow customizability of which parser to run on particular projects/files/resources. bug 151850


C/C++ Editor

  • Support indent width independent of tab width. Allow to specify indent width independent of tab width to support mixed-mode indentation as already requested by bug 53994 and bug 92036.
  • Default formatter. Implement a (simple) default formatter/indenter. bug 95274
  • Text Drag and Drop. Implement Text Drag and Drop for the editor. bug 78677
    Note: This may become obsolete if Eclipse platform implements it in 3.3. See also bug 11624.
  • View non-printable characters. Provide a command and toolbar button to enable visualization of non-printable characters in the editor (CR, LF, TAB, SPACE). bug 140333
    Note: This may become obsolete if Eclipse platform implements it in 3.3. See also bug 22712.
  • Auto-save. Implement an option to regularly save dirty editor buffers to the Eclipse local history as a backup mechanism. bug 140334
    See also Eclipse platform bug 34076.
  • Semantic highlighting. Colorize definitions and declarations of various C/C++ elements: function, variable, type, enum, etc. bug 140335
  • Inactive code highlighting. Highlight lines of code which are inactive (ie. which are excluded by conditional preprocessor directives) in the current scanner configuration. bug 81511


  • Common Navigator extensions. Adopt the new Common Navigator (CN) framework and create CDT specific extensions to plug the content and functionality of the C/C++ Projects view (aka CView) into any Common Navigator view. The extensions will be initially contributed to the new general purpose "Project Explorer", which serves as a playground for early adopters of the technology (like JDT). This should also help to stabilize and improve the CN framework by providing feedback and bug reports. bug 140337

New Views

New Project Model

The main goal of the New Project Model is to increase the CDT usability, tool-integrator support and multi language support.

See the New Project Model Design attached to bug 115935 for more detail.



How to make the CDI model flexible and extensible Proposals. See also bug 162080.

Further improvements to GDB GUI


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