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Mandatory courses/experience with:

  • Compiler Technologies
  • Programming in Java
  • Programming in C/C++ (either)

Recommended experience with:

  • Eclipse Plugin Development
  • Bugzilla - bug tracking system
  • CVS - source control system
  • Contributing to open source project


Checkers - come up with set of checkers for the area of interest such as code style, programming errors, security vulnerabilities and corresponding software transformation tools Searchers - advanced seach capabilities for software, such as "find a function foo which has null as second parameter" - all parameters are provided by user Metrics - framework, UI and tools to collect and display various software metrics Architecture - checkers or tool to display software architecture (reverse engineered from the source) Code Clones - utility to find code clones within the software Software Models - build other software models, export to exiting standard models, etc


It is not really a template but section that your proposal should have:

  • What you are intending to do and why it is exciting
  • What open source project you want to work with and why, you can mention what license you will use (EPL)
  • Include your background and why are interested in doing this specific project
  • Details on what you want to implement, including design of software and additional parts such as unit testing, documentation etc
  • Scope of work and plan
  • Future plans if any

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